fathers day

Forever Friends Natural Fathers Day

Guest post by beeniebuds&co daddy!

Bath times can be fun once you have the right essentials and products. When our little one was small bathing was a challenge and it normal took myself and Dee to bath her together. I notice that now our little one is older she likes her bath times more and it becomes much easier and fun because she’s not so delicate. Our little one’s skin is very delicate she once had eczema that is cleared from the help of our friend Cassie Everett a qualified Homeopathic Practitioner. You can read Dee’s post here.

Also with the help of Forever Friends Naturals too, I like the Nighty Night Cuddle Lotion, which I apply after her bath. The best thing I like about is that it’s not greasy and it doesn’t take long to absorb into her skin. Overall I think it’s a great brand, it’s been part of our little ones routine for a while now. Dee was showing me some great tips on how to have a safe bath time featured on the Forever Friends Natural site that I wish we had seen this information sooner. You can view this here.  I do feel you bond with your little one, I don’t always get home from work in time before her bedtime but when I do it’s fun.

 All of Forever Friends Naturals range is available here.

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