bubble london

Bubble London 2011©Little Esop Bubble London©Organic Zoo Bubble London©Kelly Swallow Chair Bubble London©

A weekend treat for us was making a visit down to Bubble London on Sunday. I just wanted to share with you my lovely experience at the show.

Bubble London showcased some amazing Spring / summer 2012 kids wear from home grown England to international delights. As it was Fathers Day too, the atmosphere was relaxing a very family oriented day. We spent our relax time on those fab Kelly Swallow patchwork chairs. It was great to see beeniebuds friend Boys and Girls and the lovely Beau Loves. Making new friends along the way with Isossy, a lovely vibrant brand influenced by Africa and Asia. The cute Little Esop, totally in love with the brand and the cool jungle theme. Also the very trendy Jessie and James who was launching their lovely brand on Sunday for the first time.

Just on our way home and we spot at the corner of our eye Organic Zoo, a lovely soft and friendly brand who are environmental conscious. Keep a look out for more information on the great brands that I met today! 

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

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