we are heading to a most curious baby, bump & tot fair!

baby bumy and tot fair title

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Wow, we have been super busy getting prepared for  A Most Curious Baby Fair held on Saturday 14th July 2012  at the St Gregory’s Centre for the Arts, Pottergate, Norwich.  beeniebuds&co will be taking part and it will be our very first fair too! We are looking forward to meeting all the other stores taking part and meeting new people.

baby bumy and tot fair

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The day will be spend looking at Vintage, designed and handmade products for maternity, babies and tots up to 5 years old. There will be 40 exhibitors catering for the parents who still have style on their minds! From original Silver Cross prams to dribble bibs made in mid century fabrics, art work and interior pieces for the nursery from the coolest illustrators and makers to beautifully designed clothes for mums-to-be, girls and boys. Whether you love a bit of vintage or favour contemporary and designed pieces the fair will help to take you from a bun in the oven up to school age without loosing your cool. Just because you have a bump or have had children why should you stop wanting, wearing or having chic, beautiful, fun or expressive things that are in line with the pre-baby you! Children friendly tea room, live music, fairy and pirate workshops and plenty of entertainment inside and out to make a day of it! 

Also if you do come over and say hello you can get a chance to Win £50 worth of goodies from our online store. Just sign up when you see us! So spread the word and we hope to see you there : )

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