ella’s kitchen NEW cookbook


We was very happy to find out that Ella’s Kitchen have created a cookbook for babies to 5 year olds. 100 tasty, healthy recipes for kids that range from the easiest of snacks and light meals that can be rustled up in minutes to delicious and satisfying dinners. Interesting twists and clever shortcuts, such as Quickly Does it Quiche and Wonderful Watermelon Ice, make life as easy as possible for busy parents.

A key aspect of the book is emphasis is on involving kids as much as possible and helping to build a positive relationship with food. Ella s Kitchen fully encourages kids to get hands-on and as messy as possible in order to discover food with all their senses. Myself and little beeniebud had a great time making very berry smoothies, for breakfast. (Great anytime of the day)

We love fruit and it was fun getting all the ingredients prepared. It’s a great start on getting little beeniebud to understand about cooking. The cookbook includes fun things to do like colouring-in activities and a range of stickers that kids can use to mark recipes they love or have made themselves. Kids will love it as much as their parents do! 


Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

It’s a great cookbook with recipes like ::

Yummy Lunches & Snacks such as Very Veggie Couscous, Tortilla Toastie and much more

Dee-licious Dinners such as Very Veggie Fritters, Sticky Chicken, 
Kids Kedgeree and more

Perfect Puds such as Baked Fruit on Brioche, Icy Volcano, Banana and Honey Whip and many more

Scrummy Treats such as Vegetable Crisps, 5 Ways with popcorn, 
Chocolate Crunchies and more

Hooray for the Weekend such as Purple Pancakes, Inside-out Burgers and Banana Chocolate Treasure


Below is the very berry smoothie recipe, enjoy!

very berry smoothie

serves 4   prep 5 mins

75g / vanilla yogurt

175g frozen berries or fresh fruit 

1 ripe bananna

150ml fruit juice (any flavour)

Place all the ingredients into a food processor and whiz until smooth. Pour into 4 glasses (or colourful cups) and serve immediately.

Should go down a treat! : )


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