#sketchbookclub – Jennie Maizels

Who remembers having a sketchbook full of colourful and exciting sketches?

I do and I’m talking many moons ago…

Jennie Maizels is an amazing children’s book Illustrator who has a range of 3D books, iron patches and many more exticing products.

We was delighted to be invited to take part in the online sketchbook club

Jennie guides you through the creation of your own sketchbooks. An inspirational and varied idea is provided for each page with detailed instruction and video demonstration along with tips on techniques and materials.

Proven to result in sketchbooks that all ages will be proud of.

Checkout the video below for more information:

Stay tuned for updates on how I’m getting on with my projects..

yuko lau prints

YukoLau Designs Bunny

YukoLau Designs Hippo

YukoLau Designs Pig

YukoLau Designs Racoon

YukoLau Designs Seal

YukoLau Designs Tiger

Our lovely friend Kate over at Toosta MacGinty  shared this amazing find wth us. Yuko Lau has designed a series of  peek-a-boo animals which are bold, colourful and different from the children art you see around. Check out this video here where YukoLau is talking about her work and what inspires her! Enjoy.