book of the week #3


walk in London :: Salvatore Rubbino

walk in london front

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walk in london middle

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walk in london end

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we love books…


jonathan and martha book

Little beeniebud loves books and she was given some lovely books as a gift. We have read them about 20 times over and we still have giggles when we read our favourite parts from the books. Here is our selection below, enjoy!

1. Jonathan & Martha by petr horacek

A funny story about two worms Jonathan and Martha that are both lonely at first but learn to share and create a lovely friendship at the end! Eye- catching illustration and collage pages, a classic story that teaches children and adults about the importance of sharing.

me and my cat book

2. Me and My Cat by Ekaterina Trukhan

A fab heat-warming story which shows a very special friendship with a little girl and her cat. Lovely Illustrations and a great bedtime story.

faces book

3. Faces by Goodman & Miller

We are huge fans of the Miller Goodman FaceMarkers and ShapeMakers, and to have this book is amazing! It was fun trying to work what was used for the faces. It involved lifting flaps, looking through holes or turning the book upside-down. Hours of fun.

a walk in london book

4. A walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino

A delightful way to illustrated the City Of London. A little girl and her mother are spending the day in London and its a whirlwind tour of London’s most iconic land marks. We had fun guess the land marks. We shall be going a London Town tour very soon : )

Happy reading with your little ones x