back to school

It’s that time again..days are getting shorter and weather  (not that it was a great summer) is getting chilly.

It’s an exciting time here at beeniebuds&co HQ, our little beeniebud will be in Year One!   So we have pick Top 5 products that are a must have for school!

We would like to also introduce Tootsa Macginty AW15 Collection.

beeniebudsandco_tootsa macginty

ESK 3-Way Reversible Jacket  available in two colours Loch Blue and Ivy Green. A colourful, waterproof body, with bright rainbow colour blocking on the back and reflective piping and panel. Safety and stylish in-one!

Available sizes 1 – 6 years

The 3 in 1 feature includes:

1. A  jacket with warm woollen tartan and faux sheepskin lining.

2. The sleeves are removable with zips

3. Transforming into a fab reversible gilet.


beeniebudsandco_rock and pebble

1. Rock and Pebble  – The Dollhouse Book

“Doodle Fun”

beenibudsandco_mibo books

2. Mibo – The Safari Set

“Read Along”


3. Jennie Maizels – Alphabet Iron-On Patches

“Personalise That Book Bag”


4. Kiko+ – Gatcha Gumball Machine

“Up Those Math Skills”


5. Hansel From Basel – Zig Zag Wool Bag

“Trendy Mama On The School Run”

book of the week #1


book of the week :: alphabet by matthew van fleet

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wee waldorf

Raised Felt Alphabet

How fun are these? Created by Wee Waldorf who has a love for natural living. These wooden cards with Uppercase Raised Felt A –Z Letters, is a great way to learn the alphabet and maybe spell your little ones names!

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petit flaneur

Petitflaneur Cc

I saw these lovely yet simple alphabet prints by Petit Flaneur here. These will look great in any nursery.

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a-z magnatab

Kid OA modern way for little one’s to learn the alphabet. I saw this cool A-Z Magnatab, here. This board created by Kid O’s uses magnets to teach little ones how to write letters. Little ones will simply follow the arrows as they drag magnets to the surface, providing a sensory-driven guide on how to write. I really like this one.

animals hands

Animal HandsLooking for entertainment this half term? These cool Animal Hands Tattoos will bring hours of fun. Non-toxic temporary tattoos with a cool Zebra, Tiger and many more.

a modern eden

A Modern Eden

A fun iPhone app for toddlers and mummies! This app from A Modern Eden called “Speak, Piggy” is great fun. An educational app that teaches little ones, names of animals, the spellings and the different habitats where they live.

The best part is that you can download for free some of the amazing wallpaper graphics, for your iPhone or iPad.