46% of Brits have experienced unkind messages online

Scientific research claims being kind to others can reduce stress levels

A new Hello Kitty Twitter app hopes to combat negativity online, after nearly
half the nation revealed they have seen or received unkind messages on social media.

Hello Kitty is campaigning for the nation to do #OneKindThing,
whether by using the #OneKindThing app to share messages of kindness
on social media, or via small acts of kindness.

Users sign up via Twitter, the free web application then shares
friendly messages on their Twitter feed, helping inspire others to
also do #OneKindThing for a friend or stranger. Users are able to
share a Hello Kitty image alongside the post, or change their profile
photo and cover picture to show support. Tweeters are then encouraged
to share posts and retweet to help spread kindness far and wide on
social media.

According to scientific research, being kind to others can elevate endorphins, as well as releasing hormones to reduce stress levels.Coinciding with Hello Kitty’s campaign for kindness this summer, the new app encourages Brits to continue to do one kind thing and improve their health in the process.


‘‘People who are kind to their friends, family and strangers become happier and healthier in the long run. These simple acts of kindness can benefit the heart,
reduce anxiety and make everyone a much happier human being. Our
country flourishes when people look out for each other and that is
what Hello Kitty hopes to inspire with the One Kind Thing campaign.’

To use the #OneKindThing twitter app, visit onekindthing.eu

new and cool me books

Image Template me books..

Images by beeniebuds&co© - all rights reserved

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

Images by beeniebuds&co© - all rights reserved

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

Images by beeniebuds&co© - all rights reserved

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

Around March this year we told you guys about a cool app by Me Books, a great story book app for your iPad or iPhone and iPod touch. Me Books features classic story books like Little Red Riding Hood and The Gingerbread Man. Me Books now have a larger collection of books from the vintage Ladybird books to modern favourites Elmer, Topsy & Tim and Peppa Pig. 

Our little beeniebud is 2 years old and enjoys reading, we had so much fun with the Me Books app. We totally enjoy the Read. Listen. Record. Save. Little beeniebud could personalise her books by drawing interactive hotspots to record their own stories and sounds. At first when we done this, she was so excited that her voice was part of the story. Other than little beeniebud voice, there are famous storytellers featured on app like Sir David Jason and Tamsin Greig. It’s nice to hear familiar voices from your favourite shows. Me Books have totally made our rainy weekend fun and we shall be looking out for more cool books to purchase! 

You can download the app here. Also upon download readers will have access to the beloved Ladybird Classics title ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ free of charge. Additional stories are available for between £0.69 and £1.99 each through In-App Purchase. Cool and affordable.


say hello…little crew

Say Hello...Little CrewLittle Crew PhoneLittle Crew Phone Image

We’re a huge fan of the AppStore with all the fun apps available for your iPhone or iPad. One of our favorite at the moment is the Little Crew a “The luxe guide to children’s shopping”. A great little app that is updated daily with beautiful children’s boutique finds, easy for mamas to have a quick look on what cute products to buy. Little Crew is a great reference tool, they review clothes, toys, travel and accessories.

It’s free to download here.

back to school


anaPad creative pad

Now your little ones can have their own version of the iPad but this one is non breakable (well nearly). This cool idea comes from twigcreative, a maganetic white board with a maker attached. We love the app magnets that come with the anaPad, super cute.

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