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“Urban gardening is the process of growing plants of all types and varieties in an urban environment. Urban gardening, which is also known as urban horticulture or urban agriculture, encompasses several unique gardening concepts.”

Via Ecolife.com

Thanks Pinterest for our plants obsession! We’ve decided to create our own Urban Garden at home and the information about doing this is plenty! .. Enjoy x

Plants we love… with great benefits too!

Improving indoor air quality 

beeniebudsandcoblog - plants

Spider Plant – Chlorophytum Comosum

Spider plants are one of three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldehyde from air.

beeniebudsandcoblog - plants

Snake plant – Sansevieria Trifasciata

Sharing your room with these plants could give you a slight oxygen boost while you sleep.

Child Safe

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 Bamboo palm – Chamaedorea seifrizii

Very easy to grow and maintain. Perfect for little ones room.

beeniebudsandcoblog - plants

Baby Rubber – Peperomia obtusifolia

This plant can grow every large, less maintain too.

Flowering plants

beeniebudsandcoblog - plants

Peace lilySpathiphyllum

Helping to remove harmful benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde toxins.


Loves loads of natural light and less water.

Quick Note: Even those these plants are considered non-poisonous for children, they could still pose a choking hazard or cause an upset stomach if ingested. It’s best to keep them out of reach of young children and watch for any fallen leaves.

#sketchbookclub – Jennie Maizels

Who remembers having a sketchbook full of colourful and exciting sketches?

I do and I’m talking many moons ago…

Jennie Maizels is an amazing children’s book Illustrator who has a range of 3D books, iron patches and many more exticing products.

We was delighted to be invited to take part in the online sketchbook club

Jennie guides you through the creation of your own sketchbooks. An inspirational and varied idea is provided for each page with detailed instruction and video demonstration along with tips on techniques and materials.

Proven to result in sketchbooks that all ages will be proud of.

Checkout the video below for more information:

Stay tuned for updates on how I’m getting on with my projects..

back to school

It’s that time again..days are getting shorter and weather  (not that it was a great summer) is getting chilly.

It’s an exciting time here at beeniebuds&co HQ, our little beeniebud will be in Year One!   So we have pick Top 5 products that are a must have for school!

We would like to also introduce Tootsa Macginty AW15 Collection.

beeniebudsandco_tootsa macginty

ESK 3-Way Reversible Jacket  available in two colours Loch Blue and Ivy Green. A colourful, waterproof body, with bright rainbow colour blocking on the back and reflective piping and panel. Safety and stylish in-one!

Available sizes 1 – 6 years


The 3 in 1 feature includes:

1. A  jacket with warm woollen tartan and faux sheepskin lining.

2. The sleeves are removable with zips

3. Transforming into a fab reversible gilet.


beeniebudsandco_rock and pebble

1. Rock and Pebble  – The Dollhouse Book

“Doodle Fun”

beenibudsandco_mibo books

2. Mibo – The Safari Set

“Read Along”


3. Jennie Maizels – Alphabet Iron-On Patches

“Personalise That Book Bag”


4. Kiko+ – Gatcha Gumball Machine

“Up Those Math Skills”


5. Hansel From Basel – Zig Zag Wool Bag

“Trendy Mama On The School Run”



mama’s weekly picks #6

beeniebuds-mama finds

Kenzo Paris Sweatshirt :: net-a-porter.com

beeniebuds mama finds

Gardner & The Gang Kids Sweatshirt :: beeniebudsandco.com

beeniebuds mama finds

Nike Womens :: size.com






46% of Brits have experienced unkind messages online

Scientific research claims being kind to others can reduce stress levels

A new Hello Kitty Twitter app hopes to combat negativity online, after nearly
half the nation revealed they have seen or received unkind messages on social media.

Hello Kitty is campaigning for the nation to do #OneKindThing,
whether by using the #OneKindThing app to share messages of kindness
on social media, or via small acts of kindness.

Users sign up via Twitter, the free web application then shares
friendly messages on their Twitter feed, helping inspire others to
also do #OneKindThing for a friend or stranger. Users are able to
share a Hello Kitty image alongside the post, or change their profile
photo and cover picture to show support. Tweeters are then encouraged
to share posts and retweet to help spread kindness far and wide on
social media.

According to scientific research, being kind to others can elevate endorphins, as well as releasing hormones to reduce stress levels.Coinciding with Hello Kitty’s campaign for kindness this summer, the new app encourages Brits to continue to do one kind thing and improve their health in the process.


‘‘People who are kind to their friends, family and strangers become happier and healthier in the long run. These simple acts of kindness can benefit the heart,
reduce anxiety and make everyone a much happier human being. Our
country flourishes when people look out for each other and that is
what Hello Kitty hopes to inspire with the One Kind Thing campaign.’

To use the #OneKindThing twitter app, visit onekindthing.eu

ella’s kitchen – baby finger food range

 Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

The  latest range to arrive at  Ella’s Kitchen HQ is , ‘The Baby Finger Food Range’. This range has been designed for tiny tots from 7 months. The new ‘play + learn’ baby finger food range is a delicious selection of healthy, handy, fun baby finger foods with a variety of textures, shapes and sizes designed to help little hands + mouths grip, pick, grab and explore.

Ella’s Kitchen has teamed up with experts to ensure the new finger foods range is perfect for growing babies’ developmental needs.

We was lucky enough to be pick for the Baby Finger Food Bloggers Challenge! Our youngest little beeniebud is 10 months now and is enjoying exploring new foods. Our box of goodies came in a big green box (which you can turn into a castle, fab! ) with a selection of colourful toys and  yummy snacks to try…

Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

We love that Ella’s Kitchen have a fab variety of yummy flavours like the ‘Grab Me‘ Melty Puffs – Strawberries + Bananas. Perfect for little ones learning to pick up food, the organic ingredients are melty on the tongue and come in two yummy tastes.  ‘ Grip me‘ baby biscuits. Great to ‘gum’  food, the texture of baby biscuits means there’re firm enough to grip.  Yum! (Yes mama, had a taste too)

Monster baby hands below to prove it!!!

Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

PLUS we  also received some toys to encourage our little one to ‘pick’, ‘grab’ + ‘grip’ with some super fun soft building blocks and a jingly apple with texture.

Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

Ellas Kitchen Blogger Challenge

Images by beeniebuds&co© – all rights reserved

You can find all the Ella’s Kitchen Baby Finger Food Range >>>>> here

tootsa macginty ss15 collection

pick of the week


Tootsa MacGinty SS15 Collection

the unisex brand for children


toosta_macginty_denim_jacket- toosta_macginty_girl- toosta_macginty_leopard_top_- toosta_macginty_snake_top_1- toosta_macginty_snake_top_2-