book of the week #3


walk in London :: Salvatore Rubbino

walk in london front

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walk in london middle

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walk in london end

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book love…

Tim Hopgood book


Little beeniebud lovvvves books and we have been keeping up with buying her a few new books a month. Our book love this month is Thank You For Looking After Our Pets by Tim Hopgood (fab name). The animals include Elsie and Edna the Elephants, and Orlando the Octopus, and much more.  We brought little beeniebud a goldfish for her birthday so it was great to have a fun book about looking after pets. Fab book for bedtime reads!

noodoll goodies

Noodoll Pram BirdNoodoll RicecreamNoodoll big+small ricerWho likes noodles? We do and I love the idea of the brand Noodoll named after noodles! A wonderful selection of toys, accessories, stationery and children’s books. I’ve chosen some favourites that I like which include the Smiley bird baby pram soft toy, very cheeky looking birdie. All of the characters are from the World of Noodoll. A playful product line with influence from the Japanese culture. A selection of Noodoll goodies is available to by here on Monday 1 August 2011.

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