bed toppings

Bed Toppings ChocoBed Toppings Pencils

For chocolate lovers and the artistic one. Have a look at these super fab bed covers by Bed Toppings. Colourful and super fun little ones are guaranteed sweet dreams with a chocolate bed topping! Available here.


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acapulco kids chair

Acapulco ChairAcapulco Chair Green

I cannot stop looking at this lovely chair. I love the strong graphic style the lovely colours it comes in black, yellow and turquoise. The Acapulco chair is a classic Mexican chair. It takes its name from the famous Pacific resort. Great feature for any kids room or an extra feature in the living room. Cool.

noodoll goodies

Noodoll Pram BirdNoodoll RicecreamNoodoll big+small ricerWho likes noodles? We do and I love the idea of the brand Noodoll named after noodles! A wonderful selection of toys, accessories, stationery and children’s books. I’ve chosen some favourites that I like which include the Smiley bird baby pram soft toy, very cheeky looking birdie. All of the characters are from the World of Noodoll. A playful product line with influence from the Japanese culture. A selection of Noodoll goodies is available to by here on Monday 1 August 2011.

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made in design

Rolito Coat HookCoat Monster HooksWhat stylish coat pegs? Not only are these stylish but perfect for a little ones room. Totally loving the simple colours and design of the ‘Monsieur Hook’ and the cheeky characters ‘Hang on to yourself Hook’. A very cool purchase indeed.

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tree bookcase

NurseryWorks Tree Bookcase

What a great find? My lovely friends at Forever Friends Naturals showed me this cool tree bookcase. Once again a lovely addition to any little ones room, can hold over 100 books. Comes in two colours snow, forest green. Pricey, but very cool!

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art in the city

art in the city

This is a very trendy docking station. The Art in the City have created a line of fruit shaped iPod docking stations named Charge ‘N’ Fruit. The best part is that all the wires are concealed within the docking station, leaving you to admire the shiny green apple!

bear mirror

Bear MirrorWhat a lovely feature. Once again another lovely addition to little ones room…

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