sons + daughters SS12

beeniebuds hunters sunglasses

beeniebuds hunter model sunglasses


beeniebuds lola sunglasses

beeniebuds lola model sunglasses

beeniebuds bobby red sunglasses

beeniebuds bobby model sunglasses

We know the weather is not great at the moment, but we are wishing for very lovely warm sunny days. We ♥ Sons + Daughters Sunglasses collection. Another new brand to the beeniebuds&co online store! A lovely selection of cool sunglasses for the little ones. All sons + daughters sunglasses are available with tinted lenses for comfort and clear vision on bright, bright, sunshiny days. With an equal emphasis on safety and style, your child’s eyeballs will be well framed and well protected. 100% UV Protection. Meets international safety standards. Sons + Daughters Eyewear is made to fit most children between the ages of 5 – 12 years old. Our little beeniebud is 2 years old and the Lola Sunglasses fits her perfectly! Available here and waiting for those bright, bright, sunshiny days!