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63 sleeps until Christmas day! Eeek!

We have a lovely range of gifts for your little ones, friends or family members this Christmas. Take a look and don’t forget to share with us your Christmas finds..

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indikidual creative workshops

indikidual creative workshops©

indikidual creative workshops hand painting©

indikidual creative workshops hand framed©

Little beeniebud loves arts and crafts and we have really enjoyed going to indikidual creative workshops. indikidual a new kids clothing range* which lets children’s personalities shine.  indikidual creative workshops are part of the New Windows on Willesden Green Project. The project is run by The Architecture Foundation and Meanwhile Space, takes on vacant spaces and converts them into creative places for people looking to try out their big idea! One thing all projects must have in common is that something of what they do will be given back to the community in some way. With indikidual’s workshops don’t expect your average felt tip pens, colouring-in books and glitter glue. They want to take kids crafting to another level, indikidual style! Products that are made in the craft sessions will in turn go back into the local community in the form of window displays and artwork in public buildings. Also some of the artwork will be printed on some eco tote bags to be used at the local green grocers! Fab! 

Here are the details below:

indikidual are holding a series of creative workshops every Friday 3pm to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 12 noon at Willesden Green, at Unit 7 Queens Parade, Walm Lane. Workshops cost £5 per session or book 5 sessions for £20. For more details and bookings call or email Syreeta on 078821 78873 / 

indikidual little beeniebud creative workshops©

indikidual little beeniebud creative©

Images by indikidual – All Rights Reserved

We had great fun on Good Friday creating Easter eggs and painting a giant cupboard chick, it’s also great to see lovely creative events for little ones in our local area!

*P.S. We are super looking forward to stocking indikidual brand new range at real soon : ) 

polkadot what

Polkadot What duo

Polkadot What logo

Polkadot What Group

We love the fact that leggings are really easy and practical and can go with almost anything for our little beeniebud! We was introduced to a cool brand called Polkadot What   A new leggings line for girls, ages 2 – 10 years old, the brand sets out on a mission to spread and build creativity, happiness and self-esteem, by allowing girls to create what they want and pick and choose meaningful prints to express their individual personality. They have taken a popular and versatile clothing item among girls – leggings – and turned them into fun and interactive design pieces with positive messages. Their goal is to make clothing that is fun, stylish, comfortable and bold as well as inspiring and positive, in order to make an impact on kids self-esteem at an early age. 

For every one creation and purchase of a pair of Polkadot What  leggings, $1 will be donated to provide two school lunches to two children in South Africa through the Lunchbox Fund – a non-profit organization that provides daily meals to impoverished school children in South Africa.

GET READY to create, GET SET to discover your inner you, and GO be bold in Polkadot What leggings today!

We are looking forward to seeing more from Polkadot What!