playon crayons

Playon Crayons

Myself and little beeniebud headed down to TopDrawer London, a couple of weeks ago. It was great to see all this cool finds one of them being the Playon Crayons. The perfect first crayon for your child by Studio Skinky. These Playon Crayons are fun, stackable, stain free, strong, easy to hold for little hands and non toxic.Β  The display was really cool at the show and little beeniebud couldn’t resist and took a bright orange oneΒ  for herself! She has not put it down since we got it. Super great find we think.

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kitty egg crayons

Kitty Crayons

Kitty Crayons Box

Ok, so I saw these really cute Kitty Egg Crayons on Etsy last year when I was expecting my little one. I decided not to purchase them just yet, and now after a year I can finally get them. These Kitty Egg Crayons are perfect for her to create her first art piece.

These baby first colour kitties are specially shaped for little hands. Made from 7-8 non-toxic crayons with no paper wrappers or broken stubs to worry about. Kitty Egg Crayons are made to be long lasting and durable! They stand on their own and the lifespan is approximately 7-8 standard crayons. The packaging is great, all six Kitty crayons are placed in a nested recycled egg carton and gift wrapped too. Perfect for any little budding artist!

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