toosta macginty SS12

ToostaMacginty Photo SS12

ToostaMacginty Frog Jumper

ToostaMacginty Grey Tee

ToostaMacginty Jumper

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We ♥ Toosta MacGinty Spring Summer 2012 collection. A strong collection with happy frogs and bright coloured gingham Seersucker shorts. We cannot wait to stock the new AW12 collection  at our online store. Keep a lookout for more news! 

say hello…indikidual

beeniebuds Say Hello...indikidual©
indikidual black tee
indikidual monster tee
indikidual wasitcoat
indikidual group
indikidual denim shir

We at beeniebuds&co love graphic design and we love when it’s mixed with clothing. We caught up with a very cool and brand new indikidual at bubble London in January ! 

indikidual is a unisex capsule collection for all kids aged 3 months to 4 years. The range allows for layering and encourages mixing and matching to create individual looks and styles. All garments are made using organic cotton and are designed to be practical and comfy as well as fashionable and expressive. What we like is that all the pieces in the collection are nicknamed after little indikiduals that provided inspiration for the range. Say hello to Nodgers, Minty, Wriggles, Dogga Dogga and many others. 

indikidual is about letting children’s personalities shine. it’s about encouraging playful self-expression, spontaneity and daring to be individual. We love them, I’m sure you would get to love them too. Lookout for more details about indikidual at our online store!