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We were very excited to receive in the post a lovely  Barbapapa Lumilove from the Pabobo team. The Barbapapa was perfect for my little ones room, filling the room with a soft and comforting glow. There are a few cool features that come with the Barbapapa, the one feature we both love is that the Barbapapa is soft to touch and remains cool so my little one has the option to give a little cuddle in bed. Charging is very smart indeed, no electrical contact.

Simply charge on the “smart charge” base and once the Barbapapa is removed from the base it turns on and can last up to 11 hours. You also have the option to turn off with a simple button underneath. A great Eco-friendly light source, Barbapapa meets all the required standards and is suitable from birth. Available in two soft colours, here. More exciting news Pabobo have created an app too, perfect for those family holidays.

Since using the Barbapapa bedtime have been pretty fun and relaxing knowing that I have Barbapapa protecting over my little one!

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light up your mood

Light up your mood

There are endless stuff that I want for my little ones room. And these will be a great feature, Light Up Your Mood Stickers. Designed by Henrietta Swift, a range of vinyl stickers to transform your light switches to characters. Love them!

tooli light

Tooli Light

I’m looking for night lights for my little ones room, there are so much to choose from! The Tooli Light caught my eye, great colours, soft lighting and safe, portable and reusable! Great for those little trips to the bathroom…