Hungry little minds

Contains 36 European beech wooden building blocks and 26 whimsically illustrated ABC flash cards. The combination introduces curious and creative children to the fundamentals of architecture and design, with each letter referencing a particular concept or idea; A is for Arch, D is for Dome, M is for Material, W is for Wallpaper.

The flash cards are large and sturdy while the building blocks are
crafted from high-quality sustainable hardwood. Packaged in a
handy box, designed to go anywhere.

Available to buy here

back to school

It’s that time again..days are getting shorter and weather  (not that it was a great summer) is getting chilly.

It’s an exciting time here at beeniebuds&co HQ, our little beeniebud will be in Year One!   So we have pick Top 5 products that are a must have for school!

We would like to also introduce Tootsa Macginty AW15 Collection.

beeniebudsandco_tootsa macginty

ESK 3-Way Reversible Jacket  available in two colours Loch Blue and Ivy Green. A colourful, waterproof body, with bright rainbow colour blocking on the back and reflective piping and panel. Safety and stylish in-one!

Available sizes 1 – 6 years

The 3 in 1 feature includes:

1. A  jacket with warm woollen tartan and faux sheepskin lining.

2. The sleeves are removable with zips

3. Transforming into a fab reversible gilet.


beeniebudsandco_rock and pebble

1. Rock and Pebble  – The Dollhouse Book

“Doodle Fun”

beenibudsandco_mibo books

2. Mibo – The Safari Set

“Read Along”


3. Jennie Maizels – Alphabet Iron-On Patches

“Personalise That Book Bag”


4. Kiko+ – Gatcha Gumball Machine

“Up Those Math Skills”


5. Hansel From Basel – Zig Zag Wool Bag

“Trendy Mama On The School Run”

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sonny angel animal

new brand! kiko+ wooden toys

pick of the week :: new in

kiko+  and gg* a range of colourful wooden toys.









sonny angel collectables

Sonny Angel Groups

sonny angel sea

sonny angel veg

sonny angel fruit

sonny angel animal

Whoohoo the Sonny Angels *NEW BRAND* are coming real soon at beeniebuds&co online store. These minfiqures are the talk of the town over in lovely Paris and now here in London Town. There is a collection of 73 different 10cm high Sonny Angels to collect. The range of figuries are sold in blind boxes so the buyer never knows what Sonny Angel they going to get! To add to the excitement there is a sercet Sonny Angel which is worth a pretty penny if the buyer is lucky enough to get it. We are one out of 10 online stores within the UK that sells these lovely collectables! 

Available here real soon!

tube toys

Tube Toys Tractor

Tube Toys Tractor build

Tube Toys Fire Engine

Tube Toys Fire Engine build

Tube Toys Car

Tube Toys Car Build

We love all things design and it’s even better when involved with toys! We found these fab Tube Toys.  The series of vehicles can be assembled including the packaging. This idea is  to reduce that considerably large amount of material discarded after purchase. Included in the tube are all the parts needed and the tube acts as a body with pre-cut slots for the parts. All the materials used on the product are also recycled and/or recyclable. A lovely gift idea and no plastic to be seen. Available here.

Via lmnop

miga de pan

Miga de Pan Throw

Miga de Pan Toys

Miga de Pan Girl

Miga de Pan Rug

Miga de Pan Still Life

We came across this lovely website called Miga de Pan, with a beautiful collection of  handmade crochet toys and blankets. We love the pastel colours mixed with the colour grey a perfect match! The toys and the blankets t match are too cute. No information on where to purchase yet, we’ll keep you updated.

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