IKEA torva book

Torva Book

A few weeks back I talked about the lovely TORVA Series, as featured here. Now to add to the series is a really cool book called Heroes Of The Vegetable Pat. A story about helping and understanding that all of plants, animals, insects and us share the same land. Lovely illustrations too, bringing fun into healthy living.

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IKEA torva

TORVA Strawberry


I love the fact that Ikea always has lovely treats to look at when I’m there. The Dukig Series is a must have, as featured here. Lots of smiles were happening when little one and I saw the Torva Series, which are healthy looking wild strawberry, green broccoli and orange carrot soft toys. A cheerful way to get little ones to LOVE their Fruit and Veg!

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veggie tees

Puddle footOrganic veggie tees with a twist, this lovely sweet beet tee is userfriendly in every way from PuddleFoot.  All the tees are soft organic and printed with water based, non-PVC, phthalate, free inks and earth friendly dyes.  What is there not to like?