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walk in London :: Salvatore Rubbino

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paper posicle memory game :: eat drink


salt water sandals :: swimmers





Okay we know it’s snowing outside but we wanted to share with you a cool brand that have been around for a longtime. We love Salt Water Sandals. We’ve going on a cheeky holiday soon and we wanted our little beeniebud to have some cool sandals for the beach! We choice the Swimmers which features a plaited leather toe with buckled ankle strap. 
Based on the original design that has been around since the 1940′s, It is cushioned on a leather-lined urethane sole and moulds to the user’s foot with repeated wear. We got a larger size for growth and we choice the classic blue colour, great quality and a perfect fit too.

There is a large range of styles and size start from infant to adults. Available to buy here.

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