Hungry little minds

Contains 36 European beech wooden building blocks and 26 whimsically illustrated ABC flash cards. The combination introduces curious and creative children to the fundamentals of architecture and design, with each letter referencing a particular concept or idea; A is for Arch, D is for Dome, M is for Material, W is for Wallpaper.

The flash cards are large and sturdy while the building blocks are
crafted from high-quality sustainable hardwood. Packaged in a
handy box, designed to go anywhere.

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kiko Kids PuzzlesKiko Kids Play

We have a huge selection of toys in our house and we are also a fan of wooden toys!  We came across a brand called Kiko, Japanese designer Kaz Shiomi has designed some simple and charming wooden toys. These toys are also made to encourage creativity and imagination in little ones. The bright fab gold bag holds 100 star shaped wooden dominoes which is called Tanabata. These stars can be used in different ways, a great way would be to learn to count has each star has numbers on them. We like the little city that is made up of 2 magnetic chalk boards, a car, traffic signals, trees, mountains and houses. Little ones can create their own world. Great find and great prices too. Available to buy here.

geoform by djeco

Djeco GeoformDjeco Geoform HorseTravelling made easy with this great Geoform boxed set by Djeco. Endless fun with little ones. Arrange the wooden magnetic pieces to make anything you fancy! All 42 magnetic pieces and 24 idea cards are kept in a cool wooden case. Hours of fun.

sunshine garden

Sunshine Garden

It’s been 4 months now and my little one is still receiving gifts for her 1st birthday. The latest addition to her gift list was this wooden activity cube by mothercare. This amazing learning cube has 5 in 1 activities that offers hours of fun. Little ones can enjoy learning to count, reading the time and take part in playing the xylophone. It doesn’t stop there, a chalkboard for hours of doodling and on top a bead maze for those puzzling moments. Hours of fun and learning.

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