geoform by djeco

Djeco GeoformDjeco Geoform HorseTravelling made easy with this great Geoform boxed set by Djeco. Endless fun with little ones. Arrange the wooden magnetic pieces to make anything you fancy! All 42 magnetic pieces and 24 idea cards are kept in a cool wooden case. Hours of fun.

melissa + doug food groups

Food Groups Wooden Toys PackFood Group Wooden Toys

My little one is learning new words and it’s a delight to hear. So at the moment I’m looking for toys that can help her discover more new words. The brand Melissa and Doug Food Group wooden toys are just fab! A great way to introduction and teach little ones about the healthy food group. A play set that includes everyday healthy foods like fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy foods. The wooden food crates are perfect to keep them in and the colour is bright and almost looks good enough to eat. Great feature to add to an existing mini Kitchen. 

sunshine garden

Sunshine Garden

It’s been 4 months now and my little one is still receiving gifts for her 1st birthday. The latest addition to her gift list was this wooden activity cube by mothercare. This amazing learning cube has 5 in 1 activities that offers hours of fun. Little ones can enjoy learning to count, reading the time and take part in playing the xylophone. It doesn’t stop there, a chalkboard for hours of doodling and on top a bead maze for those puzzling moments. Hours of fun and learning.

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made 2 measure

Made 2 Measure Growstick

I must say I do like the idea of using a door frame, as a marking point for your little ones height. Until I found Made 2 Measure Kids Growstick, a colourful Made 2 Measure yardstick that is perfect to use from birth onwards. Perfect for mounting on the wall too.


WheelyBug LadyBugNow that my little one is moving around lots more and getting ready to take some steps. I’ve been looking for some really cool mobile toys for her to explore with. My two favourite ones are the Happy Hooperz featured here and the classic wooden Wheelybug. These adorable Wheelybugs are simply fun, a toy that would stand out from the rest of the toys. 

I like the main feature, the multi directional castors that offer limitless mobility, which little ones love. I would love to buy all animals but the Ladybug is cute.

london bus

London Transport BusNext stop please! I do love the classic wooden toys, this London Transport Bus is adorable. This solid wooden bus comes complete with 15 passengers and a driver. A great keepsake too.

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